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He's delighted - are you?

Then there came a voice out of the heavens.
‘This is my son, my beloved one,’ said the voice. ‘I am delighted with him.’
Matthew 3:17 (NTE)

Jesus’ call to ministry began with God’s delight. With joy he declares Jesus to be his beloved one, the one who pleases him and is loved as a son. Everything that is to follow in Jesus’ ministry is both empowered and shaped by the relationship he enjoys with his Heavenly Father.

This, of course, stands as a sharp contrast to the Pharisees and Sadducees who also come to be baptised by John. John sees straight through them – he calls them out as fake children, ones who rely on their heritage for legitimacy as sons of God. Heritage to give them credibility. Heritage to give them authority and identity. They come for baptism to be seen to be doing the right thing and to cover all bases before God. It is a “just in case” response. But, John says, God might just as well raise up stones as his children, for he does not need anyone’s fake allegiance and fake spirituality.

It is God’s delight that calls us into ministry. We are beloved, God delights in us and we respond to his delight with soft and eager hearts. It is our relationship with our Father that will bear the right sort of life and ministry fruit. Everything we do as God’s children, as his disciples, as people called and anointed, always begins with His delight.


1. How might the idea of being called out of “delight” change the way I approach life in God’s Kingdom?

2. Does my work or ministry reflect the reality of me being a beloved child – in what ways?

3. Do I reciprocate this delight, pleasure, and joy back toward God?


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