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Called to call

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”
Matthew 4:19

Jesus calls the disciples – to call others. They follow Jesus – and call other people to follow Jesus too. This is the pattern for gospel replication. I am called. I call others. Who call others, who call others, who call others…

Yet, how often do we shy away from calling people? Is it because we are not sold out on the value of our own calling? Have we had some bad experiences? Are we fearful of being rejected or placing burdens on the unwilling?

Jesus knew how to pick the right people. How many dozens of men had he already walked past that day, before calling out to Peter and Andrew? How many others did he pass after speaking to James and John? Moreover, he was not calling them to a roster, but to a way of life. He was calling them to a vision (to fish for people) rather than a task (work for me).

There was no hesitation on their behalf to respond – they were eager to be included in the vision and mission of Jesus. Their hearts were waiting for an invitation to be part of something far bigger and more satisfying then they could ever achieve on their own in their father’s meagre fishing boat. I wonder - who do we walk past each day, that are eager for this same calling?


1. Am I fully sold out to the calling of Jesus upon my own life?

2. How have people responded when I’ve called them to “follow”?

3. Do I call people to the mission of Jesus – or the work of the Church?

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